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Xming is a free and open-source X-windows server for Microsoft Windows. It was created by Colin Harrison, an independent developer. The application allows users to run Linux graphical applications on a Windows machine, as well as provide access to remote X11 servers. It is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions and can be used on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 systems.


The interface for Xming app is simple and straightforward to use. It consists of two main windows: the main window which displays all the running processes associated with the X server; and the control window which allows users to configure settings related to their X server session. In addition, there are several menu buttons located at the top of each window which provides access to other features such as logging options or file transfer capabilities. All in all, Xming X server offers a clean user experience with minimal fuss when setting up an X session for remote Linux graphical applications or connecting directly from a local computer.


The application is very easy to install on any compatible system running Microsoft Windows 7 or higher versions of that operating system - simply download it from its official website onto your install Xming Windows 10 PC then double click the installer file - no additional software required! Once installed you can start creating sessions straight away - no need for configuration files or manual setup steps - just fire up your desired application with ease! Additionally, if you’re looking for more detailed setup options then there are plenty of them available via its control panel too!


Provides full functionality like one would expect from any commercial grade version of an X Server solution – allowing users to connect remotely via SSH tunneling protocols such as SSHv2/3 while also providing support for VNC (Virtual Network Computing). Additionally, download Xming 64 bit supports multiple display resolutions along with font control allowing you full control over how applications are displayed on your screen while also giving you access to multi-screen support should your setup require this feature too! Last but not least install Xming Linux provides integrated clipboard sharing across platforms so text copied in one environment will be able to paste into another without having manually copy/paste data back & forth between machines/applications!.


Should you need help getting up & running then thankfully there’s some great online documentation provided by Xming download Windows 10 developers plus plenty of troubleshooting tips & tricks scattered around various Q&A sites plus if all else fails then there’s always email support directly from Colin himself – something rarely seen these days given most software companies tends only offer limited customer service options!


  • Can I use Xming download free for commercial purposes?
    Yes, you can use the paid-for version for commercial purposes, but you must purchase a license in order to do so.
  • What platforms does the app support?
    Supports Windows (including XP, Vista, 7, and 8), as well as some older versions of Linux such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and 11, and Ubuntu 12 and 14 LTS.
  • How do I install Xming server Windows?
    Download the installation package from Once you have downloaded the package, double-click it to start the installation process. Follow the instructions of the setup wizard to complete the installation.
  • Is there any cost associated?
    No, there are no costs associated with using this software as it is offered free of charge under the GNU GPL license agreement.
  • Are there any security risks when using?
    As with any other software application, users should take reasonable precautions when connecting their systems via SSH protocol over public networks or Internet connections. This includes ensuring that adequate password protection measures are taken, along with updating all necessary applications regularly.


Overall I think that anyone who needs an easy way gets Linux graphically based applications working on their Windows machine should definitely give xMing desktop a try – its fast installation process combined with its intuitive UI make this program ideal even for those who don't have much experience setting up complex systems like this one before – certainly worth checking out if you're looking forward using some cool new apps running under Linux but don't want hassle actually installing them yourself!

Install Xming Server on Windows (64-bit)

Download for Free